We are here to encourage the children to learn. However, we are also here to make learning enjoyable and to create a home away from home for your children.


We are committed to the overall well-being of your children – and that starts with their nutrition.

We believe healthy food, drinks, and eating habits greatly impact the learning and growth of your children and their futures. Every seasonal menu meets the latest nutritional requirement for children.

All our menus are designed to meet the recommended criteria of the Australian Dietary Guidelines & the National Quality Standards. Providing a minimum of 50% of the RDI of all nutrients required for each day in care.

Our delicious, nutritionally balanced childcare menu is prepared and cooked with love and a passion for great meals and wholesome flavor, often using ingredients from our vegie gardens. We prepare fresh, homemade meals daily to help your child be their absolute best.

We love instilling a passion for food in children, therefore we create delicious menus filled with various vegetables, fruits, cereals, lean meat, fish, chicken, milk, yoghurts and cheeses.

And not just high-quality fresh ingredients, we also focus on smells, textures, and flavours appropriate to the developmental stages of each age group. Creating a wonderful, delicious range of meals and learning experiences.

Our food options mean you have total peace of mind. Food allergies, cultural concerns and many other special requirements are all safely catered for, without compromising on a fun and healthy mealtime experience!

We customise meals for children with specific food requirements. We know the importance of accommodating any special requirements and avoiding cross-contamination. We will always provide our families with a comprehensive list of ingredients for each meal.


In all cases, we ensure as far as possible that all children have a positive and sociable eating experience.